Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The yellow rope

The following story has become one of the highlighting moments of my time spent in Hawaii and after watching the clip I'm SURE you'll understand why. Me and my friends decided to be active and go on a hike at Kahana Bay. I'm not gonna write a whole lot because the video pretty much explains it all. The hour long hike through the jungle leads to a fresh waterhole with a rope swing. Everyone attempted the rope swing for the first time and my good friend Jessie....well, she did not land very comfortably. We were laughing sooo hard but at the same time I was really sad that we didn't catch that glorious moment on film. I assumed it was the kind of thing that you're only lucky enough to see once in a lifetime. BUT, no i was wrong. Jessie agreed to do it again, but I wasn't going to get my hopes up because we gave her a lot of pointers. Such as hanging on until the rope reaches its highest point before plunging into the water. Alas, she went for the second time, no lesson learned, and the following footage was captured. I blame Gregory Walton Steele for the poor cinematography. But with the sound effects you can pretty much tell how the landing ended. Enjoy! Rated PG-13 for strong language.


Okay so getting around Hawaii turned out to be quite an adventure for me. There is one bus that can take you all around the island and amazingly enough its called thebus. Most experiences I've had on the bus have been quite pleasant. They have air conditioning, friendly hawaiians, and you can't forget the calming deep polynesian voice on the intercom that lets you know where you are at all times, "kamehameha highway...kahuku high school." Well one Sunday evening after a nice visit with the Adams family I was taking the bus home from Sunset beach back to Laie. Its about a 20 minute ride and it was around 10 o'clock at night. Everything was going fine until 15 minutes into the ride when things shifted for the worst. I was looking out the front window and I saw the reflection of a lady heading towards me from the back of the bus. She sat at the seat right next to me and there was PLENTY of open space on the bus. Trying not to show that this made me uncomfortable, I continued to stare ahead at the road and act like I didn't notice her. Then she says, "what do you do for a living?" I could tell just by looking at her that she was on some kind of drugs. I said, "I'm a dental assistant." and then she started giggling and continued, "where do you work?" all these questions and I really did not want to talk to her. I was trying to be short in my answers and look ahead and then she put her open hand on my purse that was resting on my lap. I just looked at it and then looked away and she starts laughing and creepily says, "you're supposed to shake my hand,"and I was really scared what she would do if I didn't so I shook her hand and then she said, "now we do this" and she leaned in.......EWW and she put her cheek against mine. It was soo gross and I got a really bad feeling. It was at that moment that I realized I was being HIT ON by a LEZBO!!! She said, "that's how we do it in Hawaii" and I was like, "well I'm from california....so."Luckily my stop was the very next one and I practically ran off the bus. So basically this crazy lady ruined my love of thebus. Things will never be the same.